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KITECOIN is in no was assisted with any other native coin only to trade buy and sell.

KITECOIN Cannot be subject to any law enforcement due to wallet negligence or crypto fraud.

KITECOIN is a BTC and ETH token that will be made native in the future so will not be subject to any outside law enforcement against Bitcoin or Etherem.

KITECOIN is a private company and will not be transparent about its earnings or losses

USERS of KITECOIN Android Wallet or KITECOIN CORE WALLET can not sue for any loss of any amount of money. We will not replace money lost in bets through online communities

USERS are responsible for keeping with wallet information such as passwords and or seed phrases and or wallet ids. We can not replace lost or stolen wallets and or accounts.

USER information is private and can not be seen by moderators and or owners. So save your information in a safe place.

KITECOIN is a DBA of Lady Day Media, owned by Cecilia Okugo of Fort Worth TX, if you have any concerns about investing or questions about errors please email admin@kitecoin.us

KITECOIN can be traded world wide once listed and tokenized everywhere but it can not be used in the name of fraud of misconduct of the Coin are there will be consequences.

Many users and subscribers of KITECOIN are welcome to post and or say what they like about our token online we will not tolerate any bashing or harassment or there will be consequences.

KITECOIN can not be sued for Plagirism or there will be consequences.

KITECOIN is free to trade around the world via wallets and will not be subject to cutoff or halting the progress of KITECOIN as well as any new regulations concerning cryptocurrency KITE COIN will not be subject to. 2019-2023